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We Are 4 Adopted Kids Only!!!

The driving force behind our vision is to empower adopted kids, to celebrate and revel in their uniqueness, to forge a greater sense of identity/belonging, to unlock their potential and to nurture/grow strong leaders for tomorrow. © 2013
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It all started many years ago when our founder was growing up as a kid and found out about adoption.  He would see classmates respond negatively to those kids who had adoptive parents.  The adopted kids always wondered about their parents, why they gave them up for adoption and do they ever think about them.  It was a sad way to start.  They were born into a negative situation and they had no choice.  It was later on when he found out his Mother was in an orphanage for 12 years.  Her Father had passed away at an early age and her Mother was left with six kids.  Her Mother had never worked and it would have been impossible for her to care for the children and work as well.  Reluctantly she put them in a children’s home.  Interestingly enough, his mother didn’t see this as a negative but something very positive.  She learned core values and discipline while at the home.  These qualities have carried her through some very rough waters during her life.  It was a blessing to her.  The wheels started turning.

It was a couple of years ago when our founder revisited the pain of adoption and was determined to find a way to turn a negative into a positive.  Thus 4 Adopted Kids Only was born.

The idea was to create a place of belonging, an identity, a community or tribe if you will.  There is great strength in camaraderie.  Let’s be proud instead of ashamed.  The initial start was a clothing line for adopted kids only.  This was their way to make a statement.  4AKO was blazoned across the chest of the individual.  It has blossomed into so much more.  Please find attached a narrative that shows the other exciting developments.  We are utilizing the credibility and rapport we are building in our community to teach core values and discipline.  This is reflective of the time spent in the orphanage which was ornately positive.  The breakthroughs and encouragement we have seen in our early developmental stages have been stunning.  We know we are on the right path and are moving forward. 

Just as a point of interest, see how many adopted kids and parents are in your sphere of influence.  Currently there are more than 1.5 million adopted kids and according to research, 58% of all Americans have been impacted in some way.  Please share our vision and pass us along.  It is amazing to see some of the beautiful adopted kids that are around when they are affirmed and encouraged.  Thanks again for your interest.

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Come Celebrate Adoption with Us at the The LoveFest 2014 Extravaganza in Las Vegas. It will be unlike anything you have EVER experienced!!!

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  Together we are unifying the heartbeats of 1.5 million kids.  


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