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We are asking you to bless Adopted Kids through lots of random acts of kindness. If you don't know one, find one and give them a shirt made especially for them. We are on a mission to have 4AKO T-Shirts in the hands of 1.5 Million Adopted Kids. It is our “Tees For Adoptees” Campaign. Imagine all the joy and smiles that will be shared across the Country. Just imagine the Love!!  Together greatness will happen!!! Who's in?!!! Yippee-Ki-Yay!!!

We Are 4 Adopted Kids Only!!!


Join our exclusive Club 4 Adopted Kids Only. Meet new friends across the US. Share pictures, experiences, triumphs and challenges. Together we are stronger.

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Together we are unifying the heartbeats of 1.5 million kids.

The driving force behind our vision is to empower adopted kids, to celebrate and revel in their uniqueness, to forge a greater sense of identity/belonging, to unlock their potential and to nurture/grow strong leaders for tomorrow. © 2013













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